Medical Black hat SEO

by Gabriella Sannino on August 5, 2009

bigstockphoto_search_engine_optimized_seo_co_4894441Constructing an effective website that promotes the services of a medical practitioner, either in a solo or group practice is getting more and more difficult with each passing day.  As the internet and its related structures evolve, the use of the World Wide Web for advertising and marketing purposes is becoming increasingly more complex.  Internet search engines now rely on a number of mechanisms for both inclusion into internet search results and for eliminating those websites that use mechanisms that are inconsistent or contrary to the policies or goals of the search engine itself.

The use of a professional medical SEO service will assist any medical practitioner in sustaining maximum exposure in terms of internet marketing.  Working in conjunction with the SEO service’s professional and writing staff, all of the features of a given website (text, graphics, Meta tags, links, etc.) can be adapted to reflect any and all information desired by the physician or physician group.   Items such as any logo representing either the practice or affiliation with one or more professional associations could be incorporated into the website design.  Information regarding insurance participation and association with health maintenance or preferred provider organizations could be included as well.  Specialty and sub-specialty services can be accentuated so as to target a specific demographic.

The importance of using a professional SEO or medical copywriting service becomes apparent when you investigate the myriad schema used in internet marketing.  Where “black hat” marketing may have been initially successful, the various search engines and their analytical services are perpetually discovering new methods for minimizing their efficacy, and ensuring their rapid removal and blocking accessibility by the various web crawlers or spiders.

Where “spamdexing” may have been the standard tool for manipulating search engines, flooding an article, blog, or advertisement with a keyword or set of keywords is no longer effective.  Organizations that formerly utilized “black hat” techniques have discovered that the adaptations of search engines and browsers have resulted in their websites in having extremely short shelf lives.  As websites receive less and less “hits”, their appearance in terms of the hierarchal order recedes, relegating them to the back pages of the internet search results.  As a function of time and diminished traffic, eventually the website doesn’t appear in the internet search engine results at all.

The internet offers accessibility to a potentially infinite number of people seeking medical consultation and treatment.  As with all advertising and marketing, the efficacy of that marketing relies upon the content and presentation.  Internet marketing and advertising is a highly specialized field that has evolved and continues to evolve at a rapid rate and pace.   It requires the knowledge, skills, and experience of multiple professionals to produce a professional website that is informative, attracts consumers, and remains high in terms of search engine visibility and accessibility. The maximum benefit derived from internet marketing is saturation of a targeted demographic with minimal expenditure of time and recurring costs.   The long term viability and efficacy of a website are best served by using a professional medical SEO and copywriting service that has all of these professionals under “one roof”.

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