Medical Blogging a Waste…

by Gabriella Sannino on July 10, 2009

bigstockphoto_a_blog_sign_1847880Blogging has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. What was originally thought to be merely a social tool for bored teenagers has now been utilized by professionals, businesses, and marketers. This format allows up-to-date, in-demand information to be offered to the public in bite-size bits as it becomes relevant or occurs. Blogs have been used extensively for anything from retailers announcing sales to scientific researchers or news sources reporting new findings.
Will a blog benefit your site? No matter what field you’re in, chances are a blog will be able to enhance your site by continually offering new, useful information to your customers or the general public. Blogs and RSS feeds are finding their place in nearly every niche in the medical field. Because medicine changes on an almost daily basis, something that updates regularly is needed to present the newest, most innovative information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-find format.

An additional benefit of blogs is that they tend to help keep a page high in the search engine ranks. Among other criteria, search engines give preference to those pages which have been recently updated with relevant information, while allowing “dead” pages to sink to the bottom of the stack. Ideally, a blog will be updated once or twice a week to keep it relevant and keep readers checking back.

Blogs all over the internet have kept abreast of changing concerns in medicine. Readers are constantly looking for information on the most recent public health concern, medical relief in natural disasters, and groundbreaking new procedures. In the first half of 2009, swine flu has been one of the most searched-for terms in the most popular search engines, now returning thousands of freshly-updated pages. The key to getting this influx of traffic during a major public health concern is to already have a trusting reader base. Blogs that were set up and regularly reported the most recent concerns in medicine from a year or more ago were much likely to have return readers go directly to them for their swine flu information.

There is one drawback of blogs for busy medical professionals, and this is the time that must be devoted to writing posts and keeping it up-to-date. This is where professional medical blog writers come in. Medical blog writers specialize in multiple areas of medicine and stay up-to-date on what the reading public wants. Writers will ensure that only in-demand topics are posted on your blog and that it gets regular updates.

Because blogs have, until recently, been seen as a social tool, it is imperative to focus on a professional format for your site’s blog. Medical blog writers and medical SEO writers can work closely with web designers to ensure a look and feel for your blog that meshes well with the professional quality of your business.

Whether you want all the recent medical news reported on your page, or just want write-ups of the events within your company, medical blog writers can create pieces tailor-made for your needs. Sales copy, short bios of staff members, current concerns within the company, or any news you would like your customers and patients to know can all be integrated into a professional blog that will attract repeat readers.

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