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by Gabriella Sannino on July 30, 2009

bigstockphoto_home_care_for_elderly_couples_4884206The home health care industry has experienced a veritable explosion over the course of the last 10 years.  With ever spiraling upward hospitalization costs, the medical insurance industry continues to apply ever-increasing amounts of pressure to hospitals and physicians to discharge patients to home-based care.  Extended care facilities have experienced the same financial considerations and pressures.

To capitalize on this trend, home health care providers are seeking out non-traditional methods of marketing and advertising.  None is more cost-effective than the use of online marketing.  It accommodates the interest of a virtually limitless audience, at a relatively low level of financial investment and resource management.  Professional medical SEO service companies can maximize the advertising and marketing potential of any website, advertisement, or blog by customizing the page to reflect the most attractive attributes of that company, while enhancing its off-page characteristics.
Historically, home health care companies provided assistance to the elderly, and those clients with chronic infirmities or illnesses.  This usually involved the services of a semi-skilled or professional nurse.

With the emphasis on earliest possible discharge from the hospital becoming ever more prevalent, the demographic for home health care services has expanded greatly and the different types of assistance have become more varied.  Services can include everything from assistance with activities of daily living, medication administration, oxygen or respiratory therapy services, physical or rehabilitative therapy, to respite care assistance for family care providers.

Additionally, most health care agencies not only provide care assistance, but transport services, as well as being retailers of various care-related products.  All of these services can be greatly enhanced and made more efficient through an interactive website.

A professional medical SEO company can also increase the efficiency of a home health care provider and further reduce operating costs in terms of business-to-business applications.  The home health care provider will usually have billing and ongoing consultation with various medical insurance companies.  Off-page links to accounts payable/accounts receivable reduce the manpower required to facilitate this interaction.

As electronic billing and electronic fund transfers greatly reduce the “floor time” for receiving payment, this results in smoother, more predictable cash flow patterns. Ordering disposable medical equipment and supplies becomes a much more streamlined process.  Tracking of an account status becomes equally more efficient.

Utilization of a professional medical SEO company can greatly increase the exposure of a home health care company, and result in a pronounced increase in terms of operational efficiency.  The website, advertisement, or blog can be modified quickly and inexpensively to accommodate changes in either the company’s products or services, contact information, or modifications in search criteria by internet search engines and browsers.  The relatively low initial cost and limitless exposure make it an invaluable adjunct to any marketing or advertising stratagem.

As there are limited maintenance and/or administration costs, the return-on-investment has the potential to be substantial.  Using a professional medical SEO company to construct and maintain a home health care company’s website is a financially prudent and market savvy way to enhance that company’s market exposure, minimize administrative expense, and maximize efficiency.

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Realism and pragmatism must rule. For example integrated care pathways should not be combined with the medical record until the necessary basic foundations are in place, such as standardising terminology, and getting professionals to define meanings.

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