SEO for highly-competitive field of medicine

by Gabriella Sannino on June 22, 2009

chart-300x225Search engines are designed to return the most relevant, up-to-date information for the search term entered. In order to rank high in the search engines, the page must contain text closely related to the search term, and it must be updated regularly so that the engine recognizes it as a “live” page.

In the highly-competitive field of medicine and medical equipment, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep a webpage ranking high in the searches. Pages go out-of-date quickly and must have sufficient relevant content to rank high for a variety of search terms. Hiring a professional medical writer to keep your page in the search engines can be a prudent course of action for your business.
While general SEO writers have the ability to write keyword-rich copy that may rank in the engines, the key to the success of any site is in repeat traffic. If the copy on the page ranks in the search engines but only has keywords rather than true accuracy and relevance, then the page will not be relied on again. In order for the site to reach the level of success it’s capable of, it should have copy written by skilled medical SEO writers. This will ensure copy that gets high-ranked hits from the search engine as well as truly useful information for the consumer.

The algorithm used for search engines has recently been revised to help weed out those who are simply trying to play the ranks. Keyword-rich content is no longer the sole key to top ranks, but also content quality. While the exact formula used for this determination is proprietary and kept secret, it is clear that the days of black hat marketing are all but finished.

Medical content writers are trained professionals whose goal is to ensure your page gets the highest rankings possible and stays abreast of the changes in the field. Doing the necessary research to keep a page up-to-date in an area that changes so fast can be challenging, especially for the medical professionals who own the site in question. There are only so many hours in the day, and this is where medical SEO writers come in.

On average, a consumer who has just performed a search is likely to look at only the first five results. Those who look beyond the first five almost always stop at the end of the first page. What good is your website to the company if it’s buried on page 15? Professional medical writers can make the necessary revisions to optimize your site and give it a much better chance of being one of those first five results.

Working off of the most popular searches related to your site’s content, medical SEO writers will create top-ranking articles and content tailored to your site and containing the information you specify. The value of using professional medical writers who specialize in SEO services is their expertise in optimizing the entire website’s content as well as periodically revising it to make sure it makes it to the top ranks and stays there.

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