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by Gabriella Sannino on June 30, 2009

blue-dudes-smallSatellite medical service providers (diagnostic imaging, rehabilitative therapy, IV therapy, etc.) are quickly becoming the exception to hospital-based ancillary medical service provision.  With the medical insurance industry’s drive to reduce hospitalization costs, provider reimbursement continues to be restructured in order to discourage keeping patients hospitalized merely to facilitate rehabilitative or ancillary services. As this trend continues, competition for new and recurring patients is becoming ever more acute. Online marketing and advertising offers a low-cost method for attracting and sustaining an expanding client base.  Use of a professional medical SEO service company can help in maximizing the potential of that online presence.

Professional medical SEO companies maintain the in-house resources (computer and information technology professionals, SEO copywriters, medical SEO writers, marketing and advertising professionals, etc.) to produce professional medical websites, advertising, and blogs.  Working in conjunction with the client, they produce web content that reflects exactly the image and information that the client wants to project.   The potential consumer has immediate access to desired information, all within the comfort of their own home, without the need for “phone shopping” or relying on “word-of-mouth” referrals from family, friends, or casual acquaintances.

As it embraces a “one-stop shopping” approach, initial production costs are minimized, the multi-disciplinary approach addresses any areas of concern or challenges prior to publication, and any changes in either the desired on-page content, or the off-page capabilities or characteristics can be accommodated rapidly and at a minimum cost. As the internet continues to grow and evolve, so have the policies and practices of the internet search engines and browsers.

The algorithms used for selecting what website or link appears after a search inquiry is entered continue to be modified to minimize the impact of “black hat” marketers.  Professional medical SEO service providers remain abreast of the changes, and can utilize a number of techniques to accommodate those changes in order to keep their client’s link or website at the top of the inquiry response list.

This is a critical consideration when attempting to maximize the exposure of any satellite medical service provider to the widest possible demographic target. Online marketing and advertising also enhances the business-to-business side of a satellite medical service provider.  Disposable medical equipment vendors, pharmaceutical distributors, and medical transport services can all be readily accommodated in a bi-directional manner using web links.  This not only enhances business-to-business interaction, but reduces administrative and personnel costs as well.

The use of a professional medical SEO service company by a satellite medical service provider is a low-cost option that can become a powerful adjunct to their marketing and advertising efforts.  It serves to minimize recurring marketing and advertising costs, is flexible, and saves both time and money in terms of administrative and personnel expenditures.  Its ability to be an integral part of several aspects of the business makes it an extremely attractive and flexible choice.  The business is well-represented, it adds a powerful and flexible tool that can inexpensively and rapidly adapted, and it offers potential customers a maximum amount of information at a minimum expenditure of time and effort.

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